What is an acceptablr driver rating on uber

You can also provide this rating at the bottom of your receipt. What is an acceptablr driver rating on uber. What do u think is the lowest acceptable rating in Toronto. How can the answer be improved? 60 is considered a bit on the low side. Your overall driver- partner rating is an average of individual ratings provided by riders from your 500 or fewer most recent trips.

60 is a number of significance as it is considered the threshold that seaprates the good from the bad. We take ratings very seriously; consistent with our Community Guidelines, drivers with low ratings may lose access to the Uber app. 6 in Toronto which is not bad. Uber doesn’ t not say exactly what that number is but commonly believed to be 4. The minimum Uber driver rating is 4. May 24, · The average driver rating for most cities is 4. This rating is calculated by adding your individual trip ratings ( from 1 to 5 stars) together, and then dividing this value by the total number of ratings you' ve received.
Uber has mentioned and cautioned the drivers in the past,. RATE YOUR DRIVER At the end of each trip, you' ll be able to rate your driver from 1 to 5 stars. Not all passengers leave a rating.

Jun 04, · After each ride, Uber passengers are asked to rate the ride on a scale of one to five stars. Ratings allow us to ensure a great experience for both riders and drivers. Your driver rating is the average of the most recent 500 rated rides you’ ve given.

What’ s not factored in the calculation:. The driver app lets you know what your overall rating average is and how many rated rides you have. Mar 14, · An “ acceptable” Uber driver rating would be any rating higher than the level where Uber support will contact the driver about the rating. Jul 29, · I heard from the Uber office that the average driver rating is 4. Feb 11, · Uber says that it takes a lot for a driver to receive a one- star rating.

In fact, as of, only 1% of driver ratings are one- star, and 5% of trips are rated three stars or lower.

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