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- Create a storage pool of any size, using hard drives of varying types and sizes. - Add a drive to the pool in seconds, any existing files on the drive remain intact. Bender hung his shingle as a AAA Insurance agent. New user interface Drive Bender v2 will bring with it an entirely new interface, this is to improve usability and overall interface performance.
0, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. To remove a drive from the pool: Switch to the correct pool. NOTE: A 19" extension handle is provided with the bender. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the high quality of your software. During setup, the program creates a startup registration point in Windows in order to automatically start when any user boots the PC. Drive bender is an application that takes multiple hard drives and turns them into a single mount point.

Drive bender support. Uninstall the older versions of Drive Bender. It is very similar to the Drive Extender function that WHS originally had. A real beast of a machine. I will be using Windows 7 and I can' t really make up my mind on FlexRAID, Stable bit or Drive Bender for drive pooling. If you lose one hdd you only lose what was on that hdd and when using SnapRaid you can just get a new hdd and restore the lost data. Drive letter management: Drive letter management simply removes the drive' s drive letter when the drive is added to the pool, and adds a drive letter when a drive is removed from the pool. Drive Pooling is Microsoft technology for creating software RAID arrays, and comes free with recent Windows OSes. Whatever solution you choose - you need also a backup. Knowledge Base - Cloud Xtender.

As for PoolHD, this will now use the Drive Bender license so users can use whatever platform they choose ( if you are an existing PoolHD user, simply email support and you’ ll get a Drive Bender license, this will be compatible with the next PoolHD update). Drive Bender presents multiple hard drives as a single pool of data storage, either as one or more drive letters, or a network shared drive. Also rebuild time on a 6TB drive is dangerous.
I am kinda of wondering what to do. Manufactures the highest- quality American Made equipment in the industry. Unplug the brush and remove it. The guys behind Drive Bender have been in touch to provide an update on what they are doing, along with news of the update to beta 2. The bender is now assembled and ready for the die set to be installed.

Division- M Community. SataIII cards are $ $ $. One of my PC' s is installed with Win7.

Suite 110 Irvine. Page 1 of 2 - Drive Bender. 4 ( and above) logs are located at " C: \ ProgramData\ Division- M\ Drive Bender\ Logs". COMMUNITY SUPPORT DIVISION- M CLOUD XTENDER Drive Bender. With this we are also improving the notification engine and introducing. 7595 Irvine Center Drive.

Drive Bender is able to do this with any drive recognized by Windows, including external drive such as USB. What is SnapRAID mode, and how does it work? I have never heard about " " Drive Bender", and if you read their web site, it' s all glory. This download contains all required components including the core Drive Bender server, Windows Server Dashboard add- in and both the Drive Bender Manager client and console.

Dark" theme about The Drive Bender Manager. You can remove a drive from the pool at any time. Two SATA and 1 SAS controller in this bad boy, with an 8 bay external enclosure and four internal bays, and room for the 2 other 5 bay esata enclosures, I was doing pretty good. Drive bender support.

This is part 2 of a multi- part review of the Drive Bender software for Windows Home Server. Replace it if the length is less than 1/ 4". As a software developer it is always nice to find software that is very polished with a high attention to user experience and free from technical issues. 5" RAID boxes, and a solitary 4TB drive.

I' ve never used Drive Bender, but I' ve been happily using the DrivePool + Scanner combo for about a year and a half now to pool a set of four 2 TB WD Red drives in a JBOD. Advanced format drive support should be a given I hope. Reassemble in reverse order. I' m trying to upgrade, but I cannot uninstall the previous version. The most common issue with a pool, is a failed hard drive. Promoted articles.

Also insure your parity is NOT part of the pool. You need to remove a drive if you intend to disconnect it from the computer, if you don' t want to store your pooled files on it any longer, or if the drive is going bad. It is to be used in conjunction with the 855 Smart Bender™ Instruction Manual ( IM 1187) which describes how the unit operates and the safety precautions to be observed when using the bender. The final result was not great, it seems that DrivePool does not handle large pools as well as Drive Bender, for me performance was very much reduced. It was a move that would change the course of Sacramento history and chart a path for generations of the Bender family.

When this happens, Drive Bender enters a state known as fault tolerant mode. Retract the switch from. Drive Bender presents multiple hard drives as a single pool of data storage, either as one or more. The most common release is 1. Knowledge Base - Drive Bender. Since they spin at 5400rpm, sata II cards should work however I haven' t found any that support large drives.

It is used as a Desktop/ Server with Drive Bender installed with a pool of 3- 2TB drives. Role) Show the drive bender. 4) Remove all pins from the Drive Link assembly. When is this going to happen, well by the time you read this it should be all sorted. There are some very serious configuration options for things like CRC validation, drive balancing and performance enhancement for certain types of file access.

Download the Full Drive Bender installation. Drive Bender - No faith in this solution. Drive Bender is a software program developed by Division- M. Drive Bender does have a series of advanced options for power users.

Otherwise, the two software solutions work very similiarly ( though Drive Bender does a lot of odd stuff, and makes recovery of data harder, eg, storing duplicates in a subfolder). I was wondering if anyone has attempted an upgrade with this kind of setup, and what I can expect? Manage Windows AutoPlay: Drive Bender will disable Windows AutoPlay for any drive it mount. Hello, I' m in the process of piecing my new media server together and need some opinions. Building a linux server isn' t an option.
Greenlee / A Textron Company 855 Smart Bender Setting Roller Support Limit Switch The switch is activated by the main outer roller support arm, in the retracted position. Raid5 - looking at 6TB drives in a 4 port hardware card. It seems to have all the major functions of DE and i think it does it better then DE ever did. Drive Bender is state of the art, single point storage pool technology for Microsoft Windows. Emobility - drive safely with electric power. Use this forum to ask questions in regards to any Drive Bender issue you may have.
- posted in General Discussion: So I have been keeping up with the post about drive bender on other internet pages, Facebook, and their website. Insulation monitoring devices from Bender monitor the complete drive system, provide effective protection against electric shock and minimise the risk of fire – from the charging station to the electric vehicle. Part 1 is available here. If requestor support continues to allude us, then we have a plan B ( I will post on plan B when we come to a final decision). While in the mode, all mount points for that pool will go into a read only state. Help and Support. The Drive Bender 2. Leading storage pooling technology Features Order Demo Video 60 Day Trial Screen Shots The Drive Bender Manager. First Drive Pool is better then Drive Bender ( I tested both and bought Drive Pool). Drive bender support. Only then will an upgrade to WHS become interesting again.
Developed by Division- M, Drive Bender allows for file redundancy via file duplication, and unlike RAID, does not require any proprietary drive format or complicated setup. Drive Bender for Windows is state of the art, single point storage pool technology for all versions of Microsoft Windows ( read more). Otherwise Drive Bender on my Media Center might be a great option too. There aren' t that many reviews for it ( here is one), and it will cost you at least $ 30. We offer our superior warranty and service along with innovative user- friendly machinery, which will always be on the forefront of technology.

Sources: WeGotServed – Drive Bender, StableBit DrivePool, DataCore. We’ ll have to wait and see! It works fine after that. Drive Bender is the class leading storage pooling technology for Microsoft Windows. Metro Green" theme cloud xtender The Drive Bender Manager. Raid 1 - too costly.

Bender Insurance Solutions was founded in 1938, when Warren G. If you experience an issue, simply send the Drive bender logs to support. Here is what they said: We have some Drive Bender news to share, along with the release of a new update to beta 2. In this section, we’ ll cover the Drive Bender terminology and how to install Drive Bender.
Reboot ( this is important) Install the latest version of Drive Bender; Reboot as per the installer' s request. Various SATA drive sizes, from 1TB Single drives, 2TB single drives, 2 2. First of all the update to v1. A word of caution, I too have a large pool, 27 drives, and recently moved from Drive Bender to DrivePool. I love the product of set it and forget it but I am also thinking moving to something with fault tolerance.

RAMS Sheet Metal Equipment, Inc. Knowledge Base - PoolHD. You can look at your disk access logs and see what Drive Bender is doing. With the word ' TOP' facing up, Install the Drive Link assembly into the Frame assembly using the 1" Frame Pin.
I have a large media volume that doesnt change too much. You can just use Drive Pool to get a single Volume and get a parity driver later to use SnapRaid for example. I use drive bender and snapraid together. An update for Drive Bender Beta 2, the add in for several Operating Systems including Windows Home Server which brings back the Drive Extender feature removed from WHS, has just been released. It costs $ 40 for a home use license and in my opinion is worth it. You need to add each disk as a drive letter ( or folder mount point) and use those in SnapRaid.

Some of the other differences is that drive bender allows you to add network shares to a pool, where StableBit DrivePool only allows physical disks. Drive bender support. Parts must be ordered from Greenlee Textron, 4455 Boeing Drive, Rockford, IL.

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